Drone Photography in Kos, Greece.

This is my last Video using the Hubsan 4X 107C.

I have had my adventures using it; I have rebuilt and replaced every part of the Drone over 2 years. Spending only £30-£60 over this time, this was by far the cheapest and best toy I have possibly had.

Therefore I have finally talked myself into getting (Saving) for a better one.

As this Drone and most drones are not yet waterproof, mine unfortunately did not survive the small wave which destroyed the motors. As I insisted on trying to achieve an over the water shot. As you can see from the footage that I was not corrupt, you can see it is windy.

Alas, this is the footage I managed to retrieve from the Micro SD card. Please enjoy my last ever recording from this Drone at the beaches of Kos, Greece.

Hopefully better footage to follow with the upcoming of my new drone.

Music By Skrillex - Reptile