Epic Phantom 4 Drone Aerial Video Filmed in Crete, Greece | Captain Cornelius

Captain Cornelius (http://www.captaincornelius.co.uk) is one of the UK's leading drone aerial video production companies. Based in Scotland, we travel worldwide filming beautiful aerial shots in beautiful locations. 'Crete Wanderer' showcases our drone aerial videography skills with some astonishing locations and some beautiful camera moves performed entirely on the DJI Phantom 4 drone. The Phantom 4 was the perfect drone for us on such an adventure. The portability of the quadcopter combined with the fantastic versatility of its intelligent flight modes made it possible to create some camera moves that would previously have only been possible with a dual-control unit such as the DJI Inspire.

We filmed all of these aerial shots in D-log and colour graded the footage in Final Cut Pro X. When light conditions permitted, we used ND filters to reduce the shutter to 1/50th second in order to achieve the correct motion blur for filming at 25 fps.

We relied heavily on the Phantom 4's intelligent flight modes to achieve many of these shots. In particular, course lock and point of interest were used extensively. Active track was use however we have not found it to be perfectly reliable so it is good to have the back up options even if they do require more pilot skill.

Music licensed at http://www.bensound.com