101. Limnos/Lemnos 2015 Greece - By Drone - Summer 2015

Limnos/Lemnos 2015 - By Drone.
I made some filmshots with my drone (a DJI Phantom 3) in the summer of 2015.
This is the Final Version.
Flying Locations: Aghios Ioannis, Aghios Ermoloas, Sanddunes, Gomati Beach, Pighadheli Beach, Kotsinas Beach, Kaviria Place Resort, Koukonisi Island, Louri Beach en Thanos Beach.
We spend a wonderfull holiday on this nice Island.
I want to thank Kosmas of Joy Aerials (Myrina) for your Information and Help! Great!
I used Free Music from You Tube.
Please watch the Movie in HD 1080.